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Lake Balboa Professional Laundry provides low cost, high quality dry cleaning and laundry service.

In addition to personal dry cleaning, we service commercial accounts such as, but not limited to, doctor’s offices, hotels, motels and spas. Our service also specializes in private practice and medical clinic businesses in the Southern California area.

We are here to help you not only save money but improve the quality and individual attention that you need for your laundry services. We will show that renting your linen from a linen service is not the only way to handle your laundry needs.

We will gladly generate a personalized proposal comparing your current service and cost to Lake Balboa Professional Laundry. Start Saving Now!

With Lake Balboa Professional Laundry you don’t have to rent the linen from us in order to get it laundered, we will wash what belongs to you.

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16851 Victory Blvd #4
Van Nuys, CA 91406

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