About Lake Balboa
Professional Laundry

For past 30 years Lake Balboa Professional Laundry has been serving the commercial
clients in Southern California community.

Lake Balboa Professional Laundry is committed to be a quality driven and customer
focused company. We provide low cost, high quality laundry service to commercial
accounts such as but not limited to Doctor’s offices, Hotels, Motels and Day spa’s.

We accomplish our mission by establishing an effective and strong bond with our
clients. We service our customers in a timely and satisfactory manner. Unlike larger
linen services at Lake Balboa Professional Laundry you deal directly with the owner.
We consider your satisfaction to be our success. We like to maintain a very close
relationship with our clients by listening to their needs and by providing the service
that they deserve.  

Lake Balboa Professional laundry is constantly looking for improvements resulting in
the highest customer satisfaction.

Encino Chamber of commerce