Lake Balboa Laundry &
Dry Cleaning
Using the latest technology equipment and
environmentally safe Hydrocarbon your clothing will
smell fresh and clean.
Shirt Laundry
Where all the shirts are processed to your preference,
on hangers or folded, with starch option
Where our professional tailors with 30 years of
experience will do the impossible.
You got Leather or Suede?We repair and clean most
Leather and Suede to a point where they look like new!
Wedding Gowns
Something very special to you is very special to us, too.
We dry clean and package your dress in boxes
specially designed for wedding gown preservations.
Fluff & Fold-Household Items
Our specialty is in Household items. We separate your
clothes into lights and darks, read care labels, and check
pockets. We then wash, dry, neatly fold, and package in
traditional blue paper, ready for you to wear. Blankets,
comforters, rugs, bedspreads, shams are some of the
items we wash.
Linen & Sheets
We wash and press sheets (fitted or flat), pillowcases,
duvet covers, table clothes and napkins
Corporate Delivery
We pick-up and deliver personal dry cleaning and laundry
items to corporations, law firms, accounting firms, etc.,